Little Book Club

For children to be able to read and spell, it is sometimes best to teach phonics systematically and explicitly .

For a programme to be effective, learning should be kept enjoyable to help children boost memory retention and stay engaged. 

Introducing a new reading programme for children that is designed to improve phonemic awareness and phonics skills using a fun and interactive approach! 

A new author or theme will be introduced every 3 or 4 sessions. Children will explore and aim to read these books on their own. Through this exploration, they will also get a chance to learn more about the world and beyond! 

It’s time to have some bookish fun! 

For 3&4 yr olds 
Thursdays, 5 -6pm OR Saturdays, 9-10am  
$300/term (10 lessons)*

For 5&6 yr olds 
Thursdays, 5-6pm OR Saturdays, 10-11am 
$300/term (10 sessions)* 

*A $30 one-off, non refundable registration and material fee applies to each student.

In July

In August

Teacher Jenny is trained in Jolly Phonics and has developed her own, fun, creative and interactive way of teaching. Teacher Jenny allows children the opportunity to practice and apply developing phonetic knowledge using fun and stimulating reading and writing activities. 

“Our daughter’s ability to identify and sound out letters improved dramatically in a relatively short period of time.  The classes with Ms Jenny very quickly became her favourite.  She was filled with stories of the fun games, “silly’ stories and books that Ms Jenny used to teach her subject”. Sam Palmer, Farther of Sharla and Ellis Palmer (5 and 3 yrs old)

“I love how patient Ms Jenny is and how she starts to get their interest through games and play. Not the ordinary kind of mundane phonics class for sure!” Theresa Wong, Mother of Mason and Maven (6 and 4 yrs old)

“Sian has progressed well in her Phonics class under Ms Jenny and has learnt to read well under her guidance. Ms Jenny has also displayed patience in her lessons and is always interested in supporting others”. Jeanette Lee, mother of Sian Maryanne (6 yrs old)