Be a certified Speech & Drama trainer

It is time to pursue your passion and take Speech & Drama to the world. Transform your skills to be able to share the gift of performance with your own students. 

Our teacher-training programme will prepare you to attain an internationally recognised qualification with Trinity College London. 

The programme will also teach you the necessary skills to seek career opportunities.

There will be three practical outcomes from this programme:

RECOGNISED QUALIFICATION: You will be prepared to qualify for the Trinity College London Speech & Drama examination. This is an internationally recognised examination board. This qualification then permits membership to industry associations, which is a requirement to gain insurance cover.

INDEMNITY INSURANCE: You will be eligible to gain indemnity insurance cover to teach. (This is essential for all teachers these days!)

INTENSIFY AND CLARIFY YOUR PERFORMANCE SKILLS: We will help you improve your own teaching and performance skills. The format allows you to mature as a teacher and performer.

Not only will you gain practical skills through the preparation for the certification, you will also be taught the principles of teaching.

You will also

  • Gain knowledge and understanding in voice, speech and performance.
  • Learn how to choose suitable teaching methods for different material
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of various strategies for teaching
  • Design, develop and implement creative lesson plans.

Duration of programme: 20 lessons

Frequency of lessons: Once a week 
Duration per lesson: 1.5hrs
Fee: $1500 (excluding examination fee)

1. All learning materials will be provided.
2. Fee does not include examination fee. 
3. Subject and examination level (G5-8) will be at the discretion of the trainer.