Sport Club: Netball & Rugby


By playing sports, children develop physical skills, exercise, build character, make new friends, have fun, learn to work as a team and how to play fair.  Sports isn’t always about winning – it’s about participation and being part of a wider community. Team sports are wonderful, and not just for the player, but for the whole family. 



Progressive drills and games will be played at every session. The end goal is to playing a modified netball and rugby match with their teammates! 


Why Netball? 

Netball is a terrific way to keep children active, develop lightning-quick hand-eye coordination and learn about team participation. Regardless of gender and ability, anyone can play netball, have a great time and learn the skills to take into their everyday life!  


Why Rugby? 

In Rugby, children are often challenged to make tricky decisions under pressure, which will in turn help them gain confidence as they learn the rules of the game. Getting the children off the sofa and onto the rugby pitch will bring a wide variety of physical, mental and social skills, which will bode well for most children as they reach teenhood and beyond. 



4.30 – 5.30pm (Netball) 

5.45- 6.45pm  (Rugby) 



4.30 – 5.30pm (Netball) 

5.45- 6.45pm  (Rugby) 


Fee (for either sport):  $320/ term (8 sessions), 

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