Sport Club

Does your child have a balanced play diet – with time spent not only on books and screens but indoor and outdoor play as well? It has been commented that as children grow older, their concentration span lengthens and because they’re more able to sit and listen, play gets sacrificed and eventually squeezed out of the primary school curriculum.

This may happen in schools, but it should not extend beyond school hours. In school and out, play is an important part of a child’s life, no matter how old he/she is.

MPA still adopts an ethos of play and prioritises outdoor activities, game based learning and the freedom, even for the older children, to choose their play activities at our after school enrichment programme.

By playing sports, children develop physical skills, exercise, build character, make new friends, have fun, learn to work as a team and how to play fair.  Sports isn’t always about winning – it’s about participation and being part of a wider community. Team sports are wonderful, and not just for the player, but for the whole family. 

Best part of it all…. MPA has three private outdoor lawns to children to expend their energies.