English & Creative Writing

Introducing a fun and effective way to learn and improve English writing and comprehension skills!

This unique programme aims to develop and improve students’ comprehension and creative writing while at the same time provide them with an introduction to some well-known children’s fiction to encourage and deepen their love for literature.

Designed as a bridge for the child to obtain basic skills and confidence in grammar, writing, comprehension, spelling and writing, this programme will help to ensure that students attain the required literacy skills for primary school besides just reading.

Children will explore a wide variety of children’s literature in this programme (e.g. Books by Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton and J.K. Rowling). Not only will this exposure stimulate the creative imagination, it will also inspire them to want to write his or her own stories! 

Based on given text, children will get the chance to practise their comprehension and reading aloud skills, expand vocabulary, learn grammar.  They will also be encouraged to have in depth discussions about why he or she likes the stories, what makes good literature, techniques authors use to make their stories exciting and readable and at the end, how they can apply to their own writing!

Each lesson will be kept interactive and enjoyable. Progress will be measured and recorded every term through dictation, writing assessments and reports.

Expected outcomes:
1. Write in full sentences in reply to open-ended comprehension
2. Improve grammar, reading aloud, spelling and vocabulary skills
3. Acquire basic creative writing skills
4. Develop confidence in presenting and expression ideas and opinions