Let’s balloon sculpt and learn magic

Let’s balloon sculpt and learn some magic! 
Children gasp in disbelief when magicians perform their tricks and create amazing balloon designs at parties! In this unique 2in1workshop, they will get to learn how to do it themselves! 
In this introductory masterclass, kids will:

*Be taught magic and ballon sculpting by a real-life magician 
*Learn and practise some unique one of a kind magic tricks 
*Immerse themselves into some fun magic games 
*Get to work on their showmanship and presentation skills 
*Have magic and balloon sculpting skills to show their friends and families! 

At the end of the workshop, they’ll be given the chance to work on their showmanship and learn how to add some theatre to their presentation! 
Perhaps, they’ll be able to provide the entertainment when they host their next birthday party! 
Fri, 9 Dec 
9am – 12pm (AM session) or 2- 5pm (PM session) 
Recommended for children aged 6 to 12 years old