Let’s be Palaeontologists!

Let us take your children back to the Jurassic period, the time of the dinosaurs. This exciting and action-packed workshop will bring out the hidden palaeontologist in your children. They will get a chance to play games, hunt for fossils, do a craft activity and even get a hands-on with genuine dinosaur fossils.

What they’ll get to do in the workshop:
1. Work like a real palaeontologist; dig out, discover and learn to identify the many fossil types.
2. Discover some amazing dinosaur facts, including why dinosaur poo is treasure to a palaeontologist.
3. Find out how fossils are formed and how dinosaurs become extinct!
4. Examine real fossils and dinosaur bones. 

Children will have a roaring great time as they learn about dinosaurs in this hands-on workshop designed to look at palaeontology in a realistic way.

12 Dec, Mon 
1-3pm (5-8yr olds) 
3-5pm (9-12yr olds)