Mosaic Play Academy

after school programme

for 7-12 olds

Our mission:

To provide high-quality care and enriching learning experiences for all school-age children. MPA is committed to ensuring the service offers a safe, friendly, age-appropriate environment for children and their parents, with professional, caring and motivated staff.

The after school programme care allows children to continue to be well taken care of, after the bell goes. This programme is not just for children whose parents are at work, but for those who want to spend their afternoons meaningfully engaged!

The programme at MPA allows children to enjoy a mix of activities, learn new skills and get their homework underway.

Our school leaders also take great effort in designing enriching experiences to develop children’s confidence, curiosity and resilience. In any one week, they can be participating in science experiments, active play, creative expression and more – we believe in the power of learning through experience.

So entrust your child’s daily after school needs, as our school leaders will foster a safe and inclusive environment while your child has fun while learning!

  1. A safe and secure environment with green and lush private play spaces to explore safely and freely.
  2. A place where children can feel relaxed and in place where they feel belonged and respected.
  3. A place with routines in place to ensure/ promote high levels of health, hygiene and cleanliness.
  4. Strong Academic Support
  5. Holistic programmes that focuses on developing physical, mental and emotional health.
  6. Character building
  7. Daily enrichment with play-inspired approach.
  8. Themed holiday camps during school term breaks.

MPA is conveniently located in the Yards at Joo Chiat Place (diagonally opposite Parkway East hospital).

The environment is well shaded with mature, leafy trees with the highlight being the three private lawns, equipped with age appropriate play equipments and curated interactive spaces. 

The venue is easily accessible with ample private parking spaces.

Level 2 is dedicated to the students attending the After School programme.

We emphasise play and creative experiences and have purposely reduced access to electronic devices and television.

There are dedicated classrooms and study spaces for children to complete homework.

MPA also has a fully operational kitchen that the children can utilise to engage in cooking experiences. We provide cooking opportunities in our monthly and holiday  programmes. 

Our environment is regularly being re-created according to the children’s interests and activities being offered.

Staff support and respect the children’s feedback and endeavour to include their suggestions and ideas in MPA’s programme.

At MPA, we endeavour to become an extension of the family’s home, in which the happiness and well-being of every child is our first priority.

  • We understand that every child has the intrinsic right to feel special and to be shown genuine warmth, support and be part of a caring environment.
  • We recognise the importance of providing a safe and hygienic environment, and of catering to each child’s individual needs for healthy, nutritious meals, rest, comfort and support, plus the opportunity to participate in a variety of stimulating and challenging activities which encourage growth and development.
  • We believe that children learn through play, and that activities should be dynamic and allow exploration to encourage both individual development and social/group socialisation in a resource-rich environment.
  • We value parent input with regard to every child’s individual needs, cultural background, development and issues pertaining to the running of the service.

Totally love the environment for my girl especially the outdoor trampoline! It’s not always about schoolwork and no play which Mosaic emphasises a lot on and I totally believe in that too! Play aside, there’s also enrichment sessions and also the teachers are always available to help with the daily homework. And something that I appreciate the most is, the weekly updates on my girl’s progress in learning! -Diana, mother of Rae,7 years old

I want an after school programme that can provide my children with the opportunity to complete homework in a safe and relaxed environment alongside peers and qualified educators. More importantly, I want her to benefit from play-based learning experience (visual arts, music, drama, sports, literacy, STEM), which MPA is known for. The well rounded programme at MPA will enable children to experiment, explore, investigate, co-construct, increase vocabulary and communication skills, as they immerse themselves in a range of experiences. My girl is an independent learner but because this is her first year in Primary school and I am a working parent, I do not want her to be left unsupervised after school, which may lead to feelings of loneliness and anxiety. I believe my daughter will be able thrive in this environment and enjoy her primary school years better! -Adrian, father of Michelle,7 years old

My primary 1 daughter attends the after school student care at this centre. She said that it is the highlight of her day. She loves learning through play activities. The centre not only focuses on the academic aspect of the kids, but also on their emotional needs. They have games and activities that help the kids learn about stress management, etc. Additionally, the school is very cosy and homely, with outdoor play areas. The outdoor areas are what convinced us to sign up with the school. Overall, it has been an awesome experience for my child thus far. I cannot recommend this place enough to parents who are looking to put their kids in after school student care. – Joanne, mother of Leila, 7 years old