At MPA, we want to support families and ensure that their children enjoy a nurturing and fun experience whilst in our care.

Guided by the caring team at MPA, let your child(ren) have some supervised fun with*:
1. Creative Art 
2. Music & movement 
3. Playful storytelling 
4. Nature play 
5. Water play (on selected sessions)

Each session will end with a 40mins free play – kids will get to enjoy supervised fun in both indoor and outdoor playspaces at MPA! 

So if you would like to keep your children meaningfully occupied while you get some me time, squeeze in an errand or complete your work, you can entrust your children with us! 

Weekdays, 3 – 5pm

*Activities that will be carried out during each session at Kids Club will be at the sole discretion of MPA.

Terms and conditions: 

  1. Pre-registration required. 
  2. There will be no Kids Club on weekends and public holidays.
  3. Children must be picked up promptly at 5pm. 
  4. Children registering a temperature higher than 37.5 will not be allowed to enter.
  5. This is a drop-off programme.