Good Character Ongoing Socialising Course: Filling up Our “Emotional” Buckets!

Learn how to fill your own emotional bucket up with strengthening emotional intelligence, socialising and basic coping skills!  

What do having basic good character traits look like? How can we recognise our own strengths and qualities that help us forge better connections and friendships with others? How can we make good choices and treat others better?  

In this component, children will learn what character traits are and how to develop them in a positive way. They will learn techniques and strategies that will aid in their coping skills and increase emotional intelligence. 

This will be done through fun and interactive hands-on activities, games, discussions, craft and drama!

Topics that will be explored: 
-Bullying Is Never Ok; Gain Confidence and Knowledge to Be an Upstander!
– Internet Safety; Confidence Socialising Online, Safer and Smarter!
– Choices and Consequences: Using Logic in Decision Making!
– Stress, Worry, Anxiety; Coping With Confidence!
– Conflict Resolution and Managing Anger; Socializing With Teamwork!
– Empathy and Kindness; Sharing Compassion Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes.
– Self Esteem and Confidence; How we “SEE” Ourselves Matters!
– Gratitude; Developing a Positive Attitude Through Words and Actions!
– Socialising With Others and Respecting Our Differences
– Generosity; It’s about Giving!
– Honesty and Integrity
– Etiquette and Learning Good Manners