An English reading and writing programme unique to MPA.

It may be Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter or one of Roald Dahl’s novels. We invite children to journey through enchanted forests, solve mysteries, adventure to deserted islands and beyond… all through the magical world of books together with us.

Using a new book that will be introduced each term as a starting point, students will use the text to practise their comprehension and reading aloud skills, expand vocabulary and learn grammar.  

They will also have discussions about why they like the story, what makes good literature, techniques the author uses to make the stories exciting and readable and at the end, how they can apply to their own writing. When inspired, they will get a chance to develop their story writing/ composition skills. 

A fun and effective programme for children to hone their English skills! 

Every Wednesday
4 – 5.30pm 
$240/mth (4 sessions)
Commencing in Feb 2023

  • A $30 registration & material fee applies to each new student. 
  • Fees paid are non-refundable. There will be no waiver or refund made to the programme fee for absenteeism due to any reasons, and fees will have to be paid in full. There will be no replacement classes and any classes missed will be forfeited.