Mosaic Play Academy

Feedback from Parents

What parents have shared about Playgroup programme at Mosaic Play Academy.

Our experience with Mosaic Play Academy has been absolutely wonderful. Everyone has been amazingly accommodative to our requests as we joined the school for only a month. From the teachers to the admin staff and right down to the bus driver, our boy has been well looked after in a very nurturing environment.

The teachers were extremely patient and genuinely cares for the well-being of the students. They take a proactive approach in nurturing the students in their early childhood education which is so crucial in their future development.

The school takes a proactive approach and provides update DAILY by providing a short summary of the day’s school activities, along with photos and videos.

The school is located at a quiet area with a big outdoor compound and a spacious indoor environment. The toilets are clean and dry. The toys and all other aspects of the school (such as tables, chairs, cubicles, playmat and etc.) were all very well maintained and hygienic.

Our experience back home in SG after 3 long years away had been amazing and with the positive experience we had with Mosaic, we were so grateful for the support the school gave which truly provided a much needed peace of mind for me.

– Victoria, mother of Elliott, 3.5yrs old

My child has just started the playgroup here and I am very impressed. She only started last week, but has already settled with very little tears. 

Each session, only 2 hours long, is planned incredibly well. After the session a detailed update with pictures is sent to the parents group. 

It’s a nice play based playgroup, a great alternative to more structured preschool with lovely facilities for the kids to use- I recommend a visit! 

– Amy Punter, mother of Imogen Punter, 2 yrs old


As first time parents, we’re excited to have our son kickstart at MPA’s playgroup before transitioning him to preschool.

MPA has definitely provided a safe and nurturing environment as I see my boy gaining independence and growing to love his time at school without our company.

The teachers and staff at MPA are also very caring and well-versed in various fields (crafts, speech & drama, sports) and language.

My boy, who mostly converses in Mandarin at home, is able to find familiarity at the Chinese playgroups and at the same time, explore English language in a fun and engaging way at the English playgroups.

We also highly recommend MPA’s programmes because there is ample outdoor space within the school’s ground which makes it a perfect place for exploration and imagination to happen!

– Xin Jie, mother of Jude Wong, 2 yrs old

We believe that children’s best learning experiences come from their interaction with the environment and the people around them – Mosaic Play Academy (MPA) meets these two factors.

Our daughter was previously in childcare but had to miss school often because she kept falling sick. We took her out and wanted her to be in a school that had a smaller cohort, safe environment and lots of outdoor play in the curriculum.

At MPA, my daughter enjoys her interactions with her teachers. The wonderful play spaces in this academy create lots of opportunities for her to explore independently and learn through focused and engaged play.

The team at MPA has also been very accommodating and makes an effort to provide frequent updates on my child’s learning journey.

We are glad to have found this school. In fact, she enjoys her time at Mosaic Play Academy so much that she will increasing her sessions to daily!

– Guo Jing, mother of Chan Pei Wen, 2 yrs old


My child enjoys attending playgroup every week.

He enjoys the interaction with the teachers and stays engaged throughout sensory play! He also enjoys socialising with other kids.

He also responds well to the teachers, who are strong in language and creative arts.

Overall, I am very pleased with the programme. I know that my child is in good hands and this programme will better prepare him for preschool.

– Xueying Wong, mother of Miller Tan, 16mths