MPA is bringing science and sports together this March holiday! 

Why is understanding our heart rate important when we exercise? Can we defy gravity? How fast is your reaction time? What is nutrition and how does it affect our bodies? 

Let’s get active and find the answers through self-discovery! 

Pump our heart rate up by embarking on exciting adventures and indulging in a range of science activities and sports, including rock climbing, trail running and a Spartan obstacle race throughout the five days. 

Get active, work as a team, build physical endurance, develop new skills, experiment and learn this upcoming school holiday! 

13-17 Mar, Mon – Fri 
$400/pax (inclusive of lunch, snacks and entrance fees)*
Recommended for children aged 7-12 yrs old 

*Fees will not be pro-rated, and refunds will not be made for participants who wish to join on selected days of the camp.

Mosaic Play Academy 
402 Joo Chiat Place@The Yards