Play Space

 Our play space at MPA is a boutique space committed to creative intellectual, creative and social experiences for children aged 10months to 6 years old. 

In time to come, our play space will combine engaging classes with open ended free play! 

This play space is

  • Not a daycare, but a community space where both you and your children can visit together to play, learn and have fun. 
  • For your children to create, explore, play and learn. 
  • An opportunity to connect with other families, to make friends and simply enjoy spending time together. 
  • Vibrant and inspiring for you and your children. Facilities will include a paddling pool, sandpit, outdoor playground, play pretend areas and gym corner.

In addition, we know how children love exploring new materials and getting messy. It is fun, promotes creativity and helps children hone their motor skills – an important precursor to handwriting. But we know that messy play can be tricky at home. So this play space will give your children lots of opportunities to get messy and nourish their creativity- without the clean up!

See you at our play space soon!