Mosaic Play Academy


for 6-15 months

Babies and children learn and develop best through unstructured, exploratory play. In the playgroup programme, children will come together to meet new friends and explore the world around them. With a mix of messy play and focused attention activities, children will be engaged in a multi-sensory experience that ignites learning. They will hold fascination in the process of play, and bond with parents and peers altogether! Parents can expect to guide their little ones in movement, music and taste-safe sensory play conducted in both outdoor and indoor playspaces.

Let’s have fun exploring and getting messy together!

Tuesday Sessions

Children head outdoors for exploration and play with taste safe, messy sensory bins. These curated messy bins provide children with a sensorial experience aimed at igniting curiosity, promoting cognitive connections and building fine motor skills for daily life. Children get creative in play and strengthen bonds with caregivers in the process of facilitated yet free play.

Thursday Sessions

Children immerse in a language-rich & musical sensorial experience that heightens awareness of sounds and words! Not only does it get the little ones and caregivers moving to the groove, it also boost endorphins for healthy brain development! Children build language through exploring treasure baskets and engaging in music & movement led by a trained Music Teacher for young children.

Saturday sessions

Children get the best of both worlds with messy play and extended indoor free play! They will dive into multisensorial, messy play experiences which enable them to freely explore and experiment! Children gain a sense of autonomy to play to their desires. The extended indoor free play builds on the ever-developing muscles of the littles ones. They learn to take risks and gain spatial awareness as they engage in gross motor movements in the fully padded play space of Mosaic Play Academy.

Every Tuesday & Thursday
10.30am – 11.45am

Selected Saturdays
9.30 – 10.45am

75mins per session
(includes a 15mins free play in the indoor Playspace 3 after each lesson)
Parent accompanied

Package: $300/6 sessions
1. Pre-registration required. 2. Booking of class must be done at least 2 working days in advance.
3. Validity of package: 2 months.