Four-year-olds are ready to thrive in new experiences where their innate curiosity will expand their understanding of the world.

The playgroup for this age group focuses on developing independence, cognitive skills, language, creativity and socio-emotional skills. These soft skills are gently nurtured through our play-based approach of creative arts, sports and discovery- with plenty of time spent in the great outdoors!

Children will be physically active and presented with many opportunities to indulge in self-discovery and hands on experiences. Our 4-year-olds will gain confidence, becoming effective communicators and problem solvers!

Children will enjoy learning in:

  • Creative Arts
  • Sports & Nutrition
  • Science & Discovery
  • Phonics & Language
  • Outdoor Exploration

Capable and full of potential, our five- and six- year-olds will dive into rich experiences that ignite their passion for reading, writing, problem-solving, investigating and analysis.

In our thoughtfully designed curriculum, children will evolve to make sense of the world around them and formulate cognitive concepts in language, numbers and science. Daily experiences and hands-on activities are rooted in play that facilitates children’s inquiry and interaction. This makes learning more impactful and memorable for children as they will naturally co-create their learning with the ecosystem in the playgroup – teachers, peers & the environment.

Children will also gain environmental consciousness through their prolonged time spent exploring and learning in the outdoors settings. They will be empowered to make decisions, apply their knowledge and develop a love for learning that prepares them to take on more challenges as they grow up!

MPA’s wholesome curriculum comprises the following components:

  • Language Arts
  • Numbers & Logic
  • Science & Discovery
  • Phonics & Literacy
  • Outdoor Exploration

English programme
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
9am or 2pm
3 hours per session, Drop off
$600/month (Twice a week, 4 weeks 8 lessons)
$840/month (Thrice a week, 4 weeks 12 lessons)

Mandarin / Enrichment programme
Tuesdays & Thursdays
9am or 2pm
3 hours per session, Drop off
$600/month (4 weeks, 8 lessons)

English & Mandarin/Enrichment programme
$1,200/month (4 weeks, 20 lessons)

Note: A one month deposit is required upon registration. A one (1) calendar month advance notice is required to withdraw from the programme. Failing which, the deposit will be forfeited. The same notice period is applicable to temporary withdrawal from the programme.