Mosaic Play Academy

read it out, act it out!

reading and speech & drama for 5&6 years old

Let children grow in confidence as they gain more confidence in reading and explore creativity through drama!


A programme to support children to become more independent readers.

Let’s Read!

In the reading component, children will develop their reading skills by introducing vowel digraphs, consonant digraphs, blends and reading strategies. 

The children will learn how to form and read simple sentences independently.

They will also learn how and when to use capital letters and full stops. 

All of these will be taught with the use of storytelling, songs, arts & crafts, fun writing exercises, hands-on activities and lots of games! 

At the end of the programme, children will be able to use their knowledge of phonetic sounds in order to read and write independently and form letters and words to create their own sentences and even short stories! 

Let’s Act it Out!

A different theme or focus on a specific area of creative skill development will be explored in each term.

In each session, children will be introduced to a book related to a specific theme or idea. Through storytelling, new words will be introduced. Thereafter, they will be led through a series of drama activities involving creative play, improvisation, storytelling and craft. Throughout each lesson, children will develop their self-expression as they enact a range of characters, actions and emotions.

They may:

  • Act out characters from their world and imagination
  • Learn poems
  • Work on speaking to an audience
  • Refine pronunciation through tongue twisters and other vocal exercises
  • Generate ideas for storytelling games

Skills developed:

  • Listening for cues
  • Staying focus
  • Spatial awareness
  • Vocal projection
  • Remembering lines

Occasional dress up, along with the use of props and make-up adds to the excitement of the lessons.


Term 1: When I Grow Up

When I grow up, I want to be an astronaut and explore the planets… or perhaps a vet to look after sick animals. How about an adventurer that explores undiscovered jungles? Be anyone and do anything you want! Just dream BIG, engage your imagination and share these stories with your friends!

Term Focus
Explore creative practice through storytelling and physical adventure.

Term 2: Stories Alive!

Join in the fun as we we develop characters together through voice and movement, and engage in creative play exercises to dramatise! Use soundscapes, rhythms and physical play to develop dramatic situations and characters and bring popular children’s stories to life!

Term Focus
Be introduced to vocal and physical communication whilst exploring well-known modern children’s stories and characters!

Term 3: Once upon a time…

Be inspired by language, images and themes and explored in books by local writers! Meet exciting characters, experience their stories and explore the joy of reading.

Term Focus
Explore children’s stories written by local writers!

Term 4: All Aboard!

Hop on board a story train each week and travel to new and exciting locations! Meet the fascinating characters, who live there and create fun stories together. Take a trip to the sea, wander through the rainforest or visit a remote outback station. Exciting adventures await you … tickets please!

Term Focus
It’s time to create your own stories as your discover your place in the world and explore your imagination.

Saturdays (Once a week)
9.30am – 11am
$480/term (10 sessions)*
Conducted at Mosaic Play Academy
*Excluding a one-time $30 registration & material fee.