Mosaic Play Academy

sound it out, act it out!

phonies & creative play for 2-4yr olds

For children to be able to read and spell, it is sometimes best to teach phonics systematically and explicitly. For a programme to be effective, learning should be kept enjoyable to help children boost memory retention and stay engaged. 

The reading component in this programme will help improve phonemic awareness and phonics skills using a fun and interactive approach! 

A new author or series of books based on a similar theme will be introduced every session. Children will explore these books together and also get a chance to learn more about the world and beyond! 


After reading the book, children will get to explore playful storytelling through creative play!

At Creative Play, children will participate in play-based dramatic exercises to engage the body, voice and imagination in creative self-expression. 

Sound it out, Act it out: Phonics & Creative Play for 2-4yr olds 
Saturdays (Once a week)
9.30 – 11am 
$450/term (10 sessions)*
*Excluding a one-time $30 registration & material fee.