Play was once considered a crucial component of a child’s life but is now reduced to something unnecessary and trivial which draws individuals away from proper learning and work. However, play is so much more than just fun and excitement – it is an essential element in developing and reinforcing healthy mental, social and emotional development.

This experiential presentation is designed to provide participants with an understanding of the powerful effects that play has in enabling individuals to learn about their world, themselves and others. It also encourages participants to foster relational connections and creativity with their children through the healing powers of play.

Parents of children of any ages, or anyone working with or caring for children, or anyone who would like to re-ignite the playful side of themselves are welcome to attend.

About the Trainer:
Abigail Lee is the Executive Director of Healing Hearts Centre, and the current President of the Association for Play Therapy (Singapore). She was conferred the May Day Awards – Working People’s Advocate Award by the National Trades Union Congress in May 2018. With more 15 years of experience as a counsellor, play therapist, supervisor and trainer, Abigail specialises in working with children and families who have experienced trauma, abuse and emotional issues. She is a Certified Circle of Security Facilitator, Certified TraumaPlay therapist and supervisor, Certified Adlerian Play Therapy therapist and supervisor as well as a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist. In addition, she is appointed by the Family Justice Courts as a Parenting Coordinator and by the Singapore Mediation Centre as a Collaborative Family Practice Counsellor to work with families undergoing separation and divorce.

Enhancing your child’s emotional wellness through playful connections
Conducted by Ms Abigail Lee, executive director of Healing Hearts Centre and President of the Association for Play Therapy (Singapore)
18 Feb, Sat 
9.30 – 11.30am 

Grab your magnifying glasses as we zoom in to discover how outdoor play opens up the world of exploration for children. Nature offers children limitless opportunities to exercise their imagination and creativity. A simple activity of picking leaves can mean much more than it looks.

Learn about the benefits of outdoor play and get hands-on to invent games out of natural materials. Learn how to facilitate your child’s outdoor play experiences and view PLAY in a different lens.

When Nature becomes the teacher
Conducted by Ms Shea, outdoor play specialist & curriculum developer at Mosaic Play Academy and founder of Stories Unfold 
20 May, Sat
9.30am or 11am (60mins)

We all have a touch of madness in us. Let’s stop restricting our imagination and expression. Let’s start to fully assume our ideas and our creativity by expressing them freely with others, within a safe and supportive environment!

Learn simple improvisation techniques and discover how to use your spontaneity to help you in life!

Be ready to play.

Why Improvisation:
Improvisation is now a mandatory skill to be creative and collaborative; to survive in a fast-changing world. Improvisation helps you to be more confident, outgoing, inventive, fearless, unafraid of the unknown, improves presentation, public speaking and social skills, and teaches you that you are all you need.

Let’s all get a little Mad! – a drama improvisation workshop for parents 
Conducted by Ms Chow Keat Yeng, centre director of Mosaic Play Academy & Artistic Director of Artistic Expressions 
19 Aug, Sat 
9.30am or 11am (60mins)

Bitesize: Improv Comedy 101. Conducted by Ms Chow. Photo with courtesy of The Esplanade Co Ltd.

Storytelling is a great way to engage and spend time with your child at home. In this workshop, let Mr Aizat share some tips to help you get started with storytelling……without the use of books!

Books have traditionally been the tool of choice when it comes to storytelling. However, children’s imagination often goes beyond what is presented in books, as their minds journey through imaginary worlds!

Join Mr Aizat as he shares some ways that you can explore storytelling through the use of props and day-to-day items; to fully allow your children to immerse themselves in an imaginary world!

Bookless Stories 
Conducted by Mr Aizat, principal of Mosaic Preschool (Eunos & Siglap)
18 Nov, Sat 
9.30am or 11am (60mins)

Fee per workshop: $50/ parent-pair*
Sign up for four workshops: $190/parent-pair*
*The fee will be the same for parents attending the workshop alone.

For all workshops:
1. A maximum of two children (both below the age of 6) per parent-pair will be allowed to enjoy the Playspaces at Mosaic Play Academy (MPA) during the duration of the workshop at no extra charge.
2. Children below the age of 4 must be supervised by another accompanying adult at all times.

Workshop fees are non refundable. In the event that you are not able to attend the workshop, please inform MPA. You may also invite a friend to attend the workshop to take your place.